Tuesday, February 8, 2011

An Idiot Abroad~And A Correction

First of all,  An Idiot Abroad is funny and cute and I love Karl even if he is an idiot. Watch it on the Science Channel (don't ask why). You can't help but love Karl's sweet dumbfounded face. I didn't really care for the India episode but the "alright wall" of China episode was funny and so was the Jordan episode. Very much worth the watch.

NOW!! I am sure you will never believe me again but I said a couple of posts back that Portlandia was funny. Well after watching all the episodes that are available and after admitting to myself that its not funny I need to say Portlandia is --stupid. Just plain stupid.

We have a slogan here in Portland it says Keep Portland Weird. Well the show isn't clever enough to be weird it's just dumb. There was one bright spot, the PCC hide and seek tournament and maybe the Woman and Woman First skit.

 I have asked several Portlanders and we all say- what the what???? And even though after the second episode we spent much of the day saying cacao randomly to anyone we thought had seen the show we quickly shivered and shook our heads because that cacao skit was disturbing.

So there you have it watch An Idiot Abroad for fun and Portlandia for boredom.  

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