Thursday, February 9, 2012

Valentine Centerpieces

Need cheap centerpieces. Here's an idea:

These are for my husbands staff room on Valentine's Day.  

Yes the vase cover is a sweater that I cut and those aren't vases they are from the dollar store storage section. I filled the jars with the cheapest rice I could find and filled the top half with bulk candy (which is not intended to be consumed. The dessert table we are putting together will be set up on Monday and I will share photos.

The branches are left over curly willow from a wedding reception we decorated (you can uses branches from your yard, I have in the past. I make pom poms out of red heart yarn it's about the cheapest yarn around.

The colors are a white soft pink hot pink and bright red  -excuse the bad bad photography.


I just finished up a special order of fairy dust. She wanted wands on the lables. They turned out so pretty. I love the light pink. There will 12 very happy little girls soon.


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