Tuesday, January 4, 2011

A Gift For A Dear Friend

Here is a gift idea for a special friend. 

My friend Kim grow up in a lot of different places but one place is special to her~ Seaside, Oregon. 

So when her birthday rolled around in June I wanted to give her something that reflected this special time in her life.  

Lewis and Clark standing guard.

Phillips Candy Kitchen

She has wonderful memories of working in Phillips Candy Kitchen and spending time at the beach. So on a trip to Seaside I collected knick knacks from the area and made them into a collage for her. And here it is.

Each little square holds a vintage image or clipping with a sea theme and or a treasure from the area. 
She loved the collage and has it hanging in her house.  

The candy is fake so it won't rot but the wrapping is from Phillips. I just had to eat the taffy inside. :)

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