Saturday, January 29, 2011

More Fairy Dust & New On Etsy

The purple bottle is my Dog Violet Fairy Dust and the pink is my Wood Sorrell Fairy Dust. These tiny bottle are from the late 1940's. They were salt and pepper shakers covered in wicker to look like wine jugs. I stripped off the wicker and voila! I think they look splendid all dolled up.  These will be available this week at Bliss Bakeshop inside Fancy That.

New On Etsy!

I am just about to post my Shamrock Garland on Etsy. This little beauty has stolen my heart. Everything from the embossed, hand stamped flags to the jute cord remind me of St. Patrick's Day. I think the 1798 London Herald is the perfect background to for these hand stamped shamrocks.

Check it out on Etsy

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