Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wonderful Trip

Our friends son turned 14 and we all went to Seattle to celebration. The trip was a sports fans dream.

First it was the Mariner's game. What a beautiful day for baseball. But before the game we went to
the bullpen for warm ups and got some autographes. The nice players even game Joe a ball they had been using and one of the pitchers signed it. Wow! Very exciting.

After the game we went to lunch and walked over to Century Link Field to watch a
Sounders vs Panama game.

Very fun. Really good seats.
There was even a fight that the boys found very cool.

Celebration! We had our scarves.

We have never screamed so hard. There is something about a soccer game . . .so thrilling.  

After the game. It was very warm and clear. Love that skyline. I miss living in this beautiful city.

The next day was equally as pretty. This is the view from our balcony. Lake Union looking as lovely as ever.

Then . . .mom time

Of course we had to do this  . . .

and this.

What a wonderful trip

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