Monday, January 16, 2012

A Coffee Filter Garland DIY

                                    I thought I would share my idea for a swell coffee filter garland.

Choose a stamp. I chose musical notes.
StazOn ink in Black Cherry
Yarn or twine and a needle
glue gun
coffee filters
glue stick
hole punch
decorative scissors

Now that you have collected your supplies separate your coffee filter into three's. I used five groups of three.

Stamp each coffee filter randomly all over concentrating on the edges. Just stamp one side.

Now fold the coffee filters in half and then again in half and once more. Trim the edge with your decorative scissors.

Now open them back up so they are flat. Take one coffee filter and cut a line straight to the middle.

Start rolling the edge up and glue it down.

Now you have a flower. It should look like this.

Take another coffee filter and dab a bit of hot glue on the center of the filter and press the flower filter into the middle on the glue and scrunch the layers together.

Now take the last coffee filter and fold in half. Use your hole punch and punch through both layers. Open the layer back up.

Now dab hot glue in the middle and scrunch all three layers together to form a flower.

Run your choice of thread through the holes and string the flowers through thread.

And now you have a wonderful hand stamped coffee filter garland perfect for Valentine's Day.


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