Wednesday, January 11, 2012

How To Make Four Fun Hearts

I was messing around with my heart shaped cookie cutter and came up with four different ways to use the cutter as a template. I thought I would share.

I chose a vintage distressed look but you could use bright materials for brighter hearts.

A heart made from Hersey Kisses.

Open a couple of kisses carefully. Eat the kisses. (must do that).  Then take the wrapper or wrappers (number of wrappers depends on how big your heart cookie cutter is) and mold them into the heart cookie cutter. Lift cookie cutter and voila you have a foil heart. Flatten out the little white note/paper and glue it to the back of the foil heart. Now you can transfer the entire heart to your favorite card or garland or whatever you can think of.

Next up!

A Wax Heart

Light a candle let the candle burn down a bit so there is liquid wax. Blow out candle, hold down cookie cutter that has been placed on a heart resistant surface on wax paper. Pour wax into cookie cutter. When the wax is cool remove cookie cutter and lift off wax paper. Gently pop wax heart out of the cookie cutter.

Wonderful! Now you have a wax heart for embellishing. Side note: I sprinkled a little glitter on mine when it was in the mold.

A wax seal heart.

Place cookie cutter in a heat resistant surface place wax paper over surface. Light the wax seal stick and let it drip. Pay close attention to this. Hold down cookie cutter. It doesn't need much wax only a thin layer. Once you fill the heart so it looks like a heart shape. Let it cool. The wax paper will crinkle up but that's ok. Lift off cookie cutter and peel the heart off as best you can. If the wax seal heart gets crumpled and starts to bend that looks cool too.

A cling wrap heart.

Round up some cling wrap in red. Rip off about 12". Fold it over and over (this depends on how dark you want the red). Be sure to fold the cling wrap to the width of your cookie  cutter. Place cookie cutter on cling wrap and mark around the outside with a pencil. Lift cookie cutter and cut the heart out.
So cool I love the texture.

Last one

This was a mistake I glued the wax heart onto a pennant and didn't like it so I took it off and then I loved it.
So sometimes mistakes are good.


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