Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Battle Map Art Work

I finally got this baby done and mounted. It still gives me chills, mixed with a feeling of pride in our countries past.

To us, this map is history, but if you had any sort of imagination (as Anne Of Green Gables would say) you could picture yourself in those turbulent times. Reading the paper, thinking, is this the end of the United States? Will the Nazi's, with their deadly U-Boats, take over the world?

The fate of America was in the hands of the men at the left of the article. "Oh heavy burden".

When I first saw, touched, and read this original newspaper, I thought of how the map resembled a board game with a potentially deadly outcome of course. The Commanders didn't know if the chances, decisions, or orders, they took, made, or gave were going to work.

A wrong roll of the dice, a bad decision made, a incorrect command, and all could be lost. It's from premise that I took my inspiration for this piece.
The poker chips and dice are vintage from the 1940's. I added vintage sheet music from one of my favorite songs, "When The Lights Go On Again". It's a song of hope.
Note: And of course the Swing Time Designs is not on the original.


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