Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Key To A Perfect Gift~Aesthetics

If you're struggling to find a perfect gift for mother's day or for a dear friends birthday, this idea might do the trick.

1. Find a book that you can purchase from a antique store. This is important because the book needs to look old. If you find a book where the title alone captures your attention but you don't know about the story, get it anyway. Books can be used to decorate. Even if the person never cracks it open, they can still place it on a shelf or tuck it under a vase to raise the vase a little. Each time they look at the title they will think of you and how clever you are.

Examples Of Themes:
-I have a friend who loves castles. How about, I Capture The Castle?

-For a Jane Austen lover, anyone of her classics.

-If your mother or friend is an early riser how about, The Hours Before Dawn by Celia Fremlin-I have no idea what this book is about but it looks old and the title is a clever nod to your friend or mother's early rising habit.

You get the idea. By doing this they will know you took the time and thought of them.

2. For a tea lover, find an old tea cup, even if it's slightly chipped (it adds character) get it as long as its aesthetically pleasing. For a coffee lover find an old mug or one made to look old.

3. Purchase a book mark that reflects the theme of the book. You can custom order them from me.

For a Christmas present my friend commissioned several book marks from me. They were gifts to a lumber family here in Oregon. So, for the dad and brother, I found some original clippings about the language of a logger. They turned out really cool because they were from 1936 and in this case they were original clippings. For the two girls, I made two whimsical cat lover book marks and for the third girl I made a fairy bookmark.

Now put all three elements together and you have a very thoughtful and aesthetically appealing gift.

The picture is my favorite theme. I love anything British, so the book is, I Capture the Castle, The cup and saucer have several chips in but they are still pretty and functional. The bookmark I made with clippings from a 1798 London Herald newspaper. So so cool.
I will be putting the book mark on etsy in the next few days. If you would like to purchase it ahead of time please email back at the above address.
Ahhhh, now I think I'm going to sit down, enjoy my tea, and relax.


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