Monday, February 1, 2010

Gilligan! Look Out! And News Around Ann's World

I took the top picture a couple of summers ago in Friday Harbor. The guy in the dingy looks just like Gilligan, don't ya think? Too Funny. And let me tell you the Clipper did not slow down for him. They just honked their very loud horn. You should have seen him scramble. I could just hear the Skipper yelling, "Row Little Buddy! Row!"

News flash:
I am feverishly working on getting my book cleaned up to send to a contest in May. Sometimes I wonder, "Will it ever be clean enough?" I'm on page 283 I only have a few hundred more pages to go. :)

More News:
I might have a full time job. A range of human emotions are going through me right now.

Great News:
I sold the football collage to a woman with very good taste who resides in Aurora, IL. Thank you thank you my lovely woman with very good taste.

Current News:
I am starting a new piece of art work. It's a collage of vintage shoes and some handmade handbages. Very fun. I will show you what it looks like soon.

That's all for now folks!

Oh, my little boy Joe wants me to tell you he is a Super Star Sports Guy.

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  1. Did that guy know he looked like Gilligan? Hilarious! Looks like your plate is will keep you out of trouble.


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