Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Man Thursday

My Man Thursday 7/22/10 Is Daniel Craig

Yes, he isn't really pretty but who wants pretty in a hero.
Some of his movies are a little interesting i.e. The Mother but I do like his acting
and he is very intense.
He is the perfect James Bond even with blond hair.
I love him in Layer Cake. He is also good in Enduring Love.

I read somewhere that he is signed on to play Mikael Blomkvist in
The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo. He will be perfect I already know it. But who will
play Lisbeth? It couldcompletely ruin the film if they pick some
Hollywood superstar. By the way Noomi Rapace did a
wonderful job in the Swedish version of The Girl With The
Dragon Tattoo. She was brilliant.

Back to this boy. He has a certain something.


  1. He's pretty nice in anything. Agreed.

  2. I love this man in anything!!! I'll take "ruggedly handsome" over "pretty" any day!!


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