Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Man Thursday~Something New

I have decided to do something fun and dedicate Thursday's to a special man. Each Thursday I will post about the man that's on my mind.

Today is dedicated to the British actor Clive Owen. He is the best. Some of his movies are questionable but he is very good looking and he's still married to his wife which seems to be rare for movie stars. 

If you would like to Netflix some good movies try these:

Greenfingers-so cute
BMW Short Films- The Driver (not sure if you can get these on Netflix but Itunes or YouTube might have them. I bought my DVD from BMW years ago.
King Arthur: little cheesy but he is on a horse and in period clothing, need I say more?
Beyond Borders-lovely. I had to buy this one
Second Sight Series- young but good. Love this series.
Closer- troubling but sexy
Children Of Men-Depressing but good
Inside Man-Intense

There are other movies but these are just my favorites. I was so looking forward to Elizabeth The Golden Age but I was very disappointed. Now I can't even sit through it without laughing. Sorry Clive.

Clive Owen Is My Man Thursday 7/8/2010

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  1. I love all of the new pics of Clive. He gets better with age. I look forward to Thursdays!


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