Friday, July 2, 2010

Personalizing Your Twinkle Lights

I have been batting around this idea and I think I finally figured it out.

So here is how you can personalize your twinkle lights.

You will need
Small white paper dollies
Acrylic Paint- I used red and blue for the 4th Of July
Two paint brushes smallish
A old cup or bowl so you can mix water with acrylic paint
A hole punch
A string of lights

Now squeeze a nice amount of acrylic paint into old cup or bowl
Pour some water in the paint bowl to dilute the acryilc paint.
Mix water and paint until you get the color you want. 
Now brush the color around the edges of the dollie and let dry.
In my opinion the sloppier the better.
Once they are dry fold in half and punch two holes in the center 
so the dollie will fit over the light bulb.
Now I placed two dollies, red and blue, on top of each other.
And squeezed and twisted them together at the base.
This way there is more fluff and fun happening on each light.
When you are done pinching the dollies together, slip them over each light bulb and
squeeze and twist them on the stem of the bulb this way they will stay in place.

And you are done. Enjoy.


  1. I love this craft. The lights look so pretty! Plus, this has to be cheaper than picking up patio lights for $15.oo or more.

  2. How cute! I will have to try this....although with the amount of testosterone around here it will have to be 'just for me' :)


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