Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Day At The Beach

Last year I took these photos but I just found them and realized I never shared. So here goes:

Last Summer, Oregon had one of the lowest tides on record. So, some friends including a marine biologist friend of ours met up at the Coast to explore and here is what we found-
All of this is usually underwater. I believe the sea life was feeling a little naked.

This is an actual road, the original old timers road but when they constructed Highway 101 they moved the road further inland.  This road is rarely exposed because the sea has taken it over completely. You can still see the ruts in the rocks.

All around us we could hear the little snaps and crackles coming from the sea life.
Every inch of ground was covered in a living organism. 

Here is another view of the old timers road. I believe the story goes, that the original road could only be used part of the time until high tide. It was difficult for communities to contact each other.  Kinda romantic if you ask me. Sure, I can think that (the girl who can't stand to be without a Starbucks).

All of this is underwater.

This was so cool. Sometimes I forget how beautiful Oregon is and how much history
we have right in our backyard.


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