Thursday, September 2, 2010

~MY MAN THURSDAY~Viggo Mortensen

I love Thursdays. Don't you?

Ok, Viggo is a classic. He's strong, ruggedly handsome, knows how to wield a sword, and handle a horse. What more do we need?

I love alot of his movies but non as much as Lord of the Rings. In fact sometimes I just skip through and rewatch Viggo scenes. There is only so much Hobbit I can take.

Viggo was thrilling in Eastern Promises and I think they might be making a sequel.

History of Violence was a nail biter.
A Walk on the Moon was good also.

One movie I can't wait to see is Alatriste but I can't find it. Did I miss it? Hurry up Netflix and get it already.

Ahhh lets just stare awhile.


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