Thursday, September 9, 2010

People Are Weird

Last night my husband and I took our boys to Borders to pick out some books. On our way a lady hit our car from behind while we were waiting for the light to change.

We pulled over to see if there was damage thinking she would also.

BUT NO! She kept going right passed us. So my husband pulled back onto the road and we took her licenses plate number and followed her into a grocery store parking lot where she proceeded to park quickly, hop out of her car, and run into the store. We called the non-emergency number for the sheriff and they arrived quickly.

Ok, there was no damage to our car and no one was hurt but the point was she should have stopped. Right? My husband clearly saw her in the rear view mirror look up and grimace when she hit us. So she knew she did it. Why didn't she stop??? 

Well, we waited outside with, by now 4 policeman  and 2 police cars. I was a tad embarrassed but I kept asking them, "Did we do the right thing by calling?" They said we did the right thing.

A couple of minutes later she came running out of the grocery store a bag of flour under her arm. She looked all shocked at the situation and said, "I did what? Oh my, I didn't feel it. Are you sure?" Her ponytail waving in the wind. "Is there any damage? Oh I am so sorry."

She soooooo knew what she did. Guilty!!!!

But what could we do? We just shook our heads and said we thought you should have pulled over.

End of story: The policeman told her to slow down and be careful and that was it. Off she went.

Sometimes I don't like people. :)



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