Wednesday, January 6, 2010

In The Beginning

Welcome To Swing Time Designs

I had to put Designs in the title otherwise, you would be reading about a woman living la vida loca on psychotropic drugs. Interesting as that would be, I'm not that woman. This blog is also not devoted to miniature golf, Fred and Ginger dancing their way across the screen or a place to find couples willing to switch partners for the evening.

I chose the title Swing Time because I am constantly swinging between--everything. Writing my first book, working on my artwork, being a mom, a wife, a sister, a friend, and anything else I can squeeze into my little life.

Swing time is also fitting because I have an affinity toward the Swing Era. Come on, no one can feel bad when listening to Little Brown Jug, When Buddha Smiles, or Stealin' Apples. The titles alone should make a smile float to the surface.

My love of the Swing Era 1935-1945 or dead people as my 12 year old likes to say, is also reflected in my artwork which you can find here (more evidence will be coming).

WARNING: This blog does not have a point. I am not cooking for a year, I didn't lose a bunch of weight and feel the need to share how, and I'm not going on some trek across China. In fact, this blog is just a basic run of the mill blog. Hopefully with lots of photos. I like blogs with photos.

In other words, this blog of mine, is an opportunity to share my RANDOM personal experiences, and hobbies with any sucker who wants to take a look. ( I had to look up what a blog really was and that's what Wikipedia said, excluding the words random and sucker, I tossed those in for fun)

So, if you can forgive my occasional misspelling's, my bad grammar (I heard once you don't rea--lly have to kN--OOOOw grammar to be a writer- I'm holding onto that with both hands) and random thoughts than please stop in and take a look around my life as I know it. You never know what you will find. I certainly don't.

Signing off.


  1. First off, love the name. It's perfect for you! Second, I'm glad to be the first sucker to comment for you:) Third, random is good! Can't wait to follow you! Did I actually see a picture of you??!!

  2. I can't wait to follow! It's going to be great-I just know it.


  3. Thanks ladies for your support.

  4. Hi Ann!
    Confirm me as a devoted follower. Looking forward to reading your thoughts and, hey, like Rhonda said, "Random is good."

  5. Now I get my little cup of Ann everyday. I'm so excited!
    I love what you've done. Please make sure to post your Valentine's Day decor, so I can sit with my coffee, look at photos and pretend I'm there.
    BTW - I love the name!

  6. What a beautiful blog! Great job! I look forward to your daily ramblings and creative endeavors.


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