Friday, January 29, 2010

1798 London Newspaper Artwork

Most of us don't get to actually see or hold an original newspaper from London 1798.

I'm truly fortunate to have three original newspapers 2 from 1798 and one from 1800.
They were a gift from a very dear friend of mine.

I love looking at and reading the newspapers. It's so strange how things really haven't changed that much in some ways. The newspaper is full of advertisements and requests for domestic help. There are a few murder cases and a list of plays featured at the London theater (oops) I mean, THEATRE, of course.

It felt like a shame to put the newspapers away. So I decided to make a piece of artwork for my house so everyone who comes over can see the wonderful print of the newspaper.

Awhile back, I went to Kinko's and made some copies of the newspapers. Guided by thoughts of lost time and years peeling away, I designed this piece of art in several layers.

I'm pleased with the end result. Every time I look at the piece I think, this is a slice of history.


  1. Another wonderful work of art! Keep up the amazing works of original art... I would like to see a painting next :)

  2. Thanks. I'll work on the painting thing. :)


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