Monday, January 11, 2010

Leap Year

Leap Year

Everything about this movie screamed ME!

1. Setting: Ireland,
2. One of my favorite actresses: Amy Adams
3. Romantic comedy
4. Handsome Irish pub owner: dark haired and gorgeous, scruffy looking. Love the hair and clothes.

So off I went on opening night something I don't like doing because I generally don't like crowds of people. And when it's busy I usually end up sitting by people that sneak in corn nuts. This time I was in luck. On one side of me my dear friend, the other an empty seat. (The crowds were probably waiting for the dvd- smart move).
Then it started. And yes Amy was lovely as ever. Funny cute and real. Matthew Goode was really really GOOD looking. Yes they were in Ireland and yes it was beautiful. It had such potential. Ho hum.
I so wanted to buy it for my Irish romantic movie collection (I still might just to gaze upon Matthew who probably is young enough to be my son and I mean that, sad but true).
Once the movie started I soon realize this was a Renter. For one thing why couldn't they find an Irish guy to play the Irish guy? You can't tell me there aren't any cute Irish guys available. For the entire movie Matthew's accent kept bugging me. It was only after the movie I found out why, because he wasn't Irish.
The story line seemed contrived really forced. I still wanted it to work but the situations they were put in just didn't. Example: it was really hard for me to believe a woman would walk up a hill, in the mud, in a tight skirt, in a down pour, in 3 to 4" heals, to see the view from the top of a castle even if she was following Matthew . . . okay I would think about it.
Even though the story was weak my heart longed for Ireland (I'll get there someday) and . . . Matthew Goode. So don't go see it if you want depth and cleverness. This movie was bland but beautiful. Sweet but not great.
Signing off.


  1. Darn it!! I so wanted to see this movie, but I think I'll wait. And I promise not to MAKE you see it just I can 'make sure' it I did with The Other Boelyn Girl.

    I'll trust you on this one :)

  2. Thank goodness. :) But it didn't stink as much as The Other Boleyn Girl. That was a true stinker.


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