Thursday, January 14, 2010

What I'm Working On

This week has been busy. I have been writing like crazy. I am getting ready to send in my book, or rather the first 50 pages, to a contest. We will see what happens. Say a pray for me.

In other news-I am working on a college football collage from the 1930's. I must say its turning out very nice.

I am using clippings from the Oregonian which are original and from 1936. Back then the University Of Oregon weren't the Ducks they were the Webfoots. Soooo cool. The Huskies were their biggest rivals back then.

I have learned a lot from this project. Gridiron is a football field. It is named Gridiron because the field looks like a grid. Duh! And a pigskin refers to the football because it was made from pigskin which was turned into leather.

I love new terms and new words. Of course I have heard the terms Gridiron and Pigskin before but since reading the 1936 newpaper I feel connect to those old days when America seemed to use the terms when writing about college football. You don't hear them much any more.

I have included pictures of my "in the works" project. Tomorrow I will be mounting it to a canvas and putting it on Etsy.

During the holidays a young lady bought my baseball collage (you can see it on my etsy site under sold items). She was buying it for a little boys room. I think the football collage would work so well with the baseball collage.

So if any one would like to custom order a baseball collage (it would not be the same as the one on etsy because I use original clippings but it would be close) and snatch up the football collage they would partner well and be a very cool and unique addition to any room. I also am starting a basketball collage. Having all the sports together would be oh so Pottery Barnish.

NOTE: the photo has my name on it. It is not on the original artwork.

Ta ta for now.


  1. The football collage is looking fabulous. I know a boy who would probably love to have one like it in his room:)

  2. Funny, I know where he can get one.


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