Sunday, August 15, 2010

The Ocean In A Vase

It was 97 yesterday in Portland. So we decided to head to the coast. Big mistake. The weather report said the coast was going to be 85. Yippee! We envisioned basking in the sun, flying a kite . . . 

But by the time we actually smelled the salty air we knew there would be no basking in the sun. 

We couldn't even see the sun to bask in it or for that matter, the ocean.

The beach and the water were covered in a heavy blanket of fog.  It was weird,  disappointing, and a whopping 55 with drizzle.  We kept going north to Cannon Beach and finally flew a kite but because we weren't expecting chilly weather we promptly hopped back in the car. We could see the blue sky right over the mountains and it called to us.

As we headed home the temperature went from
55 to 97 in less than a half hour.

Argh! This is why we don't live on the Oregon Coast. 

So I did what any self respecting sun seeker would do, I went to the Dollar Store,

bought some beach, and brought it home with me.

I bought some stiff green foliage, sand, and a vase. I added some shells and driftwood I had collected on a sunny day at the coast and tossed them together.

I took the green foliage and peeled apart the cluster of reeds so I could spread then out in the vase. Then I curled and separated them to give my ocean in a vase more life and movement.

Photos might look different because I took some yesterday and some this morning.  

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