Monday, August 30, 2010

~Breaking News From The Northwest~

The Pumpkin Spice latte is ba--ack at Starbucks!!!!

Thank the coffee Gods. I have been waiting for months.

With the taste of my favor pumpkin latte on my lips I wanted to indulge another sense. My sense of smell. 

So with my little minions (Jack and Joe) we concocted a potion to make the entire house smell like autumn.

Thought you might want to indulge also: 

By the light of a full sun we mixed these ingrediants together 

*half an apple cut into the thiniest of slices
*half an orange cut into the thiniest of slices
*several cinnamon sticks
*a hand full of cloves
*a dash of nutmeg
*2-3 cups water

Toss all ingredients into a cauldron and watch it bubble and boil. Once it boils for a sec turn it down to simmer and inhale deeply. A sense of joy and an urge to eat pumpkin pie with fester in your heart.

This is to die for.


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