Thursday, August 12, 2010

My Man Thursday 8/12/10~Gerard Butler

I mean really, need I say anything at all?
Ok, I can't help myself. There are so many reasons why Gerard Butler is My Man Thursday.
Here are just a few:
He is really good looking and he is Scottish. That should be enough. 
Who can resist a man in a kilt wearing a pink sweater? It takes a real man to pull off that look.
And he does it.

Some films of Gerard's that I particularly love are RocknRolla, 300, Dear Frankie. I hope beyond hope that, Burns, Coriolanus, and Excalibur are quality films and that they actually come to fruition. 
All are period pieces.
For many reasons I would  love to see Gerard in a quality period piece.
I better get some work done. Wow! Wow!


  1. :) Loved Timeline.

  2. Own it love it too. Forgot to add that one.

  3. Yummy!!! Seriously gorgeous! Good selection :)


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