Tuesday, August 24, 2010

With This Ring

Three years ago on my birthday my husband and I saved up some money to buy myself a unique wedding ring. I had always wanted something different and artistic.

This may sound odd.

Let me example, I had been married at the time for 17 years (tomorrow it will be 20 years yikes! time flies). I love my husbands ring that he gave me. It was his mother's and I cherish it but the diamond stood up and I was so afraid of losing it that I ended up not wearing it. 

So I began the search for something really unique. I don't know the correct jewelry term but I wanted the diamonds or sapphires to be embedded flat into the ring. I thought this would be less trouble and the likelihood of losing any of the gems would be less. I wanted something low maintenance but still artistic. 

I looked and looked. This was a big deal for me because I don't get to spend money on jewelry very often. There is always somewhere else the money has to go.  

My friend suggested that I go to Twist a cool shop here in the Northwest. So I did and I found a wonderful artist named Gabriel O'Fiesh I fell in love with his Orbit Rings. My friend has one and loves it. The rings are so beautiful.

My heart still flutters when I look at them.

Five Months Ago - I noticed two of the sapphires had fallen  out and the girl at Twist told me a diamond was cracked.

I was heart broken. I never thought I was hard on my rings. My old ring had lost only one diamond in 17 years. And I actually didn't wear this Orbit ring that much (to my dismay) because it was tight on my finger. I really didn't have the money to put into the ring but what could I do?

End of a long story and five months later, I had to pay $128.00 to get my ring fixed. The owners of Twist were kind enough to pay half.

Basically, the conclusion to why this happened was that I am too hard on my ring. I found out that Gab said, this ring probably wasn't a good choice for me.

What the What!

When I picked up my ring today the girl told me all the things I couldn't do while wearing this ring.

Basically live.

No clapping, no grabbing hand railings, blah blah blah.

If I would have only known. Now I guess I only wear this ring on special occasions and get yet another for every day use.

Note: Gab suggested he replace the sapphires which aren't as durable ( I wish I would have known that) 
with blue diamonds.

I am very happy with the new blue diamonds they are just as pretty as the sapphires. But now I am back to square one. I guess I need to get a ring out of the vending machine at the grocery store.

Oh well, a lesson learned.

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  1. Ann,
    That is awful what happened with that ring you had your heart set on! Remind me to never go to Twist for jewelery. I kind of like the idea of being able to actually "live" while wearing a piece of jewelery. Shame on them.


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