Wednesday, June 2, 2010

The Colors Of The Northwest

Let me try to describe what we, in the Northwest, are currently going through.

Typically the weather in May is kinda iffy. And early May, to be honest, is really iffy but then it turns warmer and clearer. Sometimes we even experience really warm days. Slowly as June approaches so do the warm sunny days. It's not constant and if you plan a picnic in May or June there is a good chance it will be cloudy with drizzle.  BUT NOTHING LIKE THIS!

Is there a sun? Are we in February? What is up? 

It has been a complete soggy mess up here. I have lived in this area of the country my entire life and I have never experienced this degree of rain and wet. Everything is drenched in thick droplets.  Some part of me loves it. The other part says enough is enough.

So today I am trying to think of the good things about this rain. Hmmm. 

Oh here goes, our abundant vigorous vegetation which is everywhere you look seems to be bursting with shades of moss, lime, evergreen, and spearmint. The gray sky even has a life of its own.

The boys and I counted four different shades of gray in the sky (who knew there where so many shades of gray). We counted steel, charcoal, grandma's hair, and the color of Joe's baseball pants. All of these shades seem to show up in the sky at varying times. (see what we do when we have no baseball and are stuck in the house- FUN! I call it. Jack has a different word for it.) Jack says at least I'm not making them watch Pride and Prejudice for the 10th time.

Finally, the other color of the Northwest is black as in my coffee. It's the color that gets me through these wet green gray days.

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