Thursday, June 3, 2010

New Coasters On Etsy

I put my London Herald Coasters from 1798 on Etsy.

Get them while they're hot. 

They turned out really cool. They will be featured along with a tutorial on the website One Pretty Thing, later this month.

I had some friends over on Sunday and we were reading the coasters. Apparently, most of the S's in the newspaper were, for some reason, turned into F's. Why? We have no idea. Did they not have the letter S at their disposal? But that can't be because there were some S's used in the newspaper.

Anyone have any ideas?

Example: one of the articles was about the Poft-Boy (i'm assuming Post Boy) got robbed by a fingle (single) highwayman. The boy had fmall (small) faddlebags (saddlebags).

We were laughing so hard. Just reading the article outloud (with a lisp) was quite funny. You get the idea? After a glass or two of wine I supposed everything is funny but his fmall faddlebags ftill make me giggle.

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