Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Fireworks Bouquet

I was messing around with ideas for 4th of July decorations and come up with this easy inexpensive swell Fireworks Bouquet.

You'll need:

1. 4th of July pom poms
       * They are a $1.00 a bag at Jo-Ann Fabric
2. Glue Gun
3. Blue painters tape
4. Stem Wire
       *Also found at Jo-Ann Fabric in the floral department.
5. Wire Cutters
Hold on to your hats this is so easy~ Just place a dab of hot glue on either a cluster of 3 pom poms or a single pom pom. Hold tight to the wire for several seconds. Once cool the poms will be secure.

For added interest cut the wire at varying lengths to create depth in your bouquet.

Now visualize how fireworks fall from the sky. Some are graceful with wide arches, some drop suddenly. With this in mind bend the wire accordingly. Remember to bend some and keep some fireworks shooting straight up to the sky.

Once you have done the bending, cluster the different fireworks together and wrap with tape so the wires don't twist around in the vase. I had to stuff my vases with tissue so the wire stood up the way I wanted them to stand. 

Now you are done. 

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