Sunday, June 20, 2010

Remebering My Dad~ Thanks For The Memories

Remembering my dad~ Ray Purscelley 1919-2008

There are certain things that remind me of my dad. These memories, I hope to pass on
to my boys, Jack and Joe.

I know Dad's voice, touch, and presences is fading from their young minds. But I hope to bring him to life by pointing out the little things that were so much a part of him. If I don't then my dad's life will die with me.

Sometimes at night,when the windows are open we can hear a far off train whistle.
I always stop and I tell my boys to think of Grandpa Ray.
My dad was one of those teenagers who road the rails
during the Great Depression.  A wonderful documentary
on this is called Riding The Rails~ An American Experience.

When we camp in Central Oregon I tell them of the summers spent fishing and swimming on the Deschutes River. To this day things I cherish are warm summer evenings in the
high desert of Central Oregon and the sound of coyotes.

The Deschutes River. Ahhh, so many memories of this cold beautiful river.
It is absolutely the best river to swim in. Its coolness is very much appreciated on a hot day. We love rafting and floating down this river. The surrounding landscape feels like home to me. 

So here's to you dad. I miss you very much. And as my boys favorite movie star, Bob Hope, sang~

Thanks For The Memories.

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  1. My memory is refreshed by your words of Dad--Thank You on this Father's Day.

    I see his hands and think all the times he put the worm on my hook when we went fishing, wonderful times.

    ( I am not with any accounts)


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