Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Verdant Oasis Or Was It?

In my never ending attempt to keep my boys busy (only three days into Summer break mind you) we took a walk. As we meandered through the lovely fields, down green paths, over wooden bridges,  an ever increasing familiar sound fluttered my way. One which made me walk. Very fast. Back to the car. 

It was the sound of Jack starting a sneezing fit which, by the way, didn't stop until we rushed back to the car, hightailed it for home, tossed him in the shower and gave him a dose of allergy medicine. The very important medicine that I forgot to hand out.  DUH!

Two swollen eyes, one bloody nose, and a partridge in a . . . I mean, sneezing fit later and I promised not to forget it ever again.   

Maybe tomorrow will be better.

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