Friday, June 4, 2010

Re-purpose Glass Jars-What Surrounds Me Inspires Me

While I was emptying my refrigerator, cleaning, and recycling the glass jars, I suddenly thought they would look really cool as vases or candleholders. The glass jars clear smooth surfaces just begged for something.  

Once again the verdant vegetation that surrounds me inspired theses vases. I first had Joe pick some pretty green leaves. We pressed them between wax paper in a heavy stack of books for one days, not enough to completely dry out but enough to flatten them out.

Then I carefully painted one side of the leaves with Mod Podge including steam and pressed them to a clear dry label free jar. I kept doing this with different size leaves, rotating the direction (stem at the top stem at bottom).

After the leaves dried I carefully coated the outside of the leaves with Mod Podge and let dry. With fingernail polish remover and a cotton swab I cleaned up the edges of the Mod Podge overspill. 

I have used these vases/candle holders around the house and for outside decorating with citronella candles. 

Warning: The look is rough and the leaves darken and may turn different colors of greenish brown and so on but I think the color change is lovely and actually adds to the rustic feel. 


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