Thursday, May 6, 2010

Fiddling With Yeats To Forget The Fact That My 13 Yr Old Is Going On A Trip Without His Momma

I have been fiddling with a type of watercolor board called a textured clayboard. This is the coolest thing. It's great for watercolor and mixed media.

My tiny piece of art work made me think of gazing through a rain streaked window to the flowers beyond. The William Yeats quote is one of my favorites.

This was all in an attempt to forget the fact that tomorrow at 11:00 am my little baby (okay he's 13 but he's still my baby. One of them anyway) is leaving with another family to go have a great time in Seattle. It is the first time my Pooh Bear will go away without me. I knew this day would come but not this soon.

I will never sleep tonight or tomorrow night I need some serious medication for this one.

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