Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Swell Stuff

I have added a gadget to my blog! It's entitled, SWELL STUFF.
It's up off to the right.
See over there???
It's a miracle that I figure out how to do it, bein's I'm a little slow and all.
Anyway, it's my way of sharing the swell stuff I find here and there.

My first entry is a spiffy little item. It's a Tea Maker by Teavana, good for iced or hot, loose or bagged tea.
You have got to get one of these little babies. In fact, the act of going into a tea shop is really fun. At Teavana you can sniff the tea and create your own concoction. Once you decide, be sure to get some German Rock Cane Sugar. A little goes a long way. Oh don't forget your tea maker. Now you are set.

Once you get home put the kettle on and follow the instructions on the back of your bag of tea for the right amount of scoops of tea and rock sugar. Add the hot water and let the loose tea settle to the bottom (or if using a bag let it steep until the color is the way you like your tea). Once your loose tea does settle to the bottom you are done. Put your tea maker on top of whatever cup you want or on top of a glass of ice and the tea will just stream down into your cup/glass minus the bag or the tea leaves.

So easy and sooo good. Such a swell item. Makes great iced tea because the rock sugar is already dissolved into the liquid.
Enjoy, Swell Stuff, number one.


  1. Ahhhh! I love their Zingiber Coconut Ginger tea. I would love to be snuggled up in that chair holding a cup and catching up with you.

  2. I would love it too. I miss you.


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