Saturday, May 15, 2010

Robin Hood

I saw Robin Hood last night. Opening night! That's saying a lot because I don't like crowds. So for me to grab a friend and go to opening night means I really wanted to see the movie.

With my heart pounding in anticipation I snuggled into my seat with my friend by my side.

Then it started.

Oh Holy Knight is right.
WOW! And on a horse. Jeepers, that man can ride. (a flash of the Old Spice commercial flickers to life in my brain as I write this. I stamp it out but smile).

Yes, a man on a horse, sumpthin about that combo.

Okay back to the review.

My thoughts on Russell Crowe as Robin Hood- Outstanding. So very perfect. He is such a MAN. Really no other word for it. I think every woman knows what I mean. He is MALE. Sigh. Regardless of his personal life and personality he does have a commanding presence.

My thoughts on Cate Blanchett as Marian- Strong. Beautiful in her own way. A perfect match for Russell's maleness. Perfect casting.

Such a potential combo. Brilliant chemistry.


We want more. There was a surprising lack of the two together. I wish they would have taken out all the stuff around them and only had Robin and his Merry Men and Marian.
Maybe a little of the other stuff but not the entire movie filled with horses and bad guys plotting and old men making speeches and crap.

It was so disappointing.
Not enough time with Cate and Russell together. Long winded speeches by Russell were trying and so not necessary and a bit eye rolling.
I left feeling very disappointed. The acting was great but the storyline veered off target and missed. I won't be buying this one. Dang! A period film I won't want. Why are there so many of those? Why can't they make a period piece that has great actors with a good happy story? Come on!

Oh and I know they were trying to be all historically accurate and all but Little John's teeth were really distracting. Very hard to look at.


  1. Dropping by from SITS. I'm a new follower. What all do you do over here? I see the etsy link.

  2. Thanks for stopping by. What do I do? Hmmm, sometimes I wonder. Mostly, I blog about my life, adventures, my art, and my journey to become a published author. Nothing much :)


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