Friday, May 14, 2010

Revamp Old Ceramic Coasters

Here is a quick way to revamp old coasters.

I found the Palm Tree coasters at Goodwill. In your search look for old ceramic coaster. They are great because the back is usually already covered with a protective layer of cork or felt.
Next find your design for the coaster. I love ephemera. You could use old books, newspaper, or whatever you want.
What you can't use is anything that is printed from an inkjet printer. The ink will run.
If you want to use an old book but don't want to ruin the book go to Kinko's and have them make copies on their laser printer. I did this for my coasters since I used my rare 1798 London Herald newspapers. It's very inexpensive to make the copies.
Vintage image or ephemera
Diamond Glaze
distress ink pad in vintage photo
* optional fired brick red ink pad and rubber stamp.
A dabber or sponge to rub the ink on
nail file
old butter tub or something to mix Diamond Glaze and a little bit of water. This tub can be tossed out after use
not too coarse of sandpaper
Delta Ceramcoat Satin Varnish

1. Buff off the top layer of graphic with sandpaper. Use a light sandpaper nothing to heavy or coarse. Since you are covering the coasters with paper you don't need to buff off much just enough to make the surface smooth and take off any layer of varnish.
2. Wipe the coaster clean and apply a thin layer of glue. Smooth the glue evenly over the coaster. I like to use my finger, it helps me gauge the thickness of the glue. You don't want clumps. Any glue will do just make sure it is applied in a thin layer. I use Neutral pH Adhesive its brilliant and sticks like crazy. Love it.
3. Carefully lay your paper over the coaster. Apply pressure. Cut off excess paper.
4. Once paper is dry grab your nail file and began in a downward movement to trim paper completely away from the edges of the coaster. (see photo) This is fun because it looks so professional and yet it is so easy. Don't worry if you scrap off too much paper or even a little ceramic coaster, the more uneven the edges of the paper the more vintage the surface of the coaster will look.
5. Next grab your distress ink and dapper the little round sponge thing and dip on distress pad and then rub around the edges of the coaster. Even let the ink bleed on to the surface of the coaster this will give it dimension.
6. I wanted to stamp on top of my coaster but didn't want to stamp anything to elaborate because the stories on the surface of the coaster is art in itself. Plus I wanted to read the coaster if I ever had anyone over that board me. Just kidding.
7. So find an appropriate stamp and use distressing ink in red to stamp an image on the ephemera if you like.
8. Now you are almost done. Next use a little drop of water in a container with a good amount of Diamond Glaze, mix it up. Adding water to diamond glaze will thin it out and make it easier to cover a surface. With a paintbrush cover the surface of the coaster with the diamond glaze water mixture. This will seal it. Let it dry. Then repeat with another layer of diamond glaze and water. Make sure the coaster is covered well to prevent moisture from ruining your graphics.
9. As an added precaution I put a layer of DeltaCeramcoat Satin Interior Varnish. This tones down the shine of the diamond glaze and gives the coasters a matte finish and an extra layer of protection from heat and water.
Once it's set it is good to go. You did it. Beautiful and unique. You want to feel your house with items that are you and your family, not mass produced stuff.
Make it Unique. Make it you.


  1. I can not believe I never thought of this. They look so much better. Now I am going to have to find some old coasters.

    Love this and I would love if you would post it to my Upcycled Awesome Linky party!

  2. Again love these so much. Thank you for linking up to my linky party. This is such a great idea I can not wait to do it myself.

  3. Love these! Saw them on the tshirdiaries link party and had to come check them out. Now following you too! Stop by if you get a chance :)


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