Monday, May 3, 2010

Easy Peasy Rocky Pad

This project is very simple but what you get in return is a stunning very chic base for your decorative vignettes in your house. This is a perfect project for your kids to participate in. Mine loved to glue the rocks.

Step 1: Go to the dollar store and buy a bag or two of rocks.

Step 2: Grab some glue Elmers or Aleena's. Whatever you have handy.

Step 3: Find a sturdy placemat preferably in a natural fiber like bamboo, straw, reed anything with some stiffness to it. You can find this type of placemat at Target, Costplus, Goodwill practically anywhere that has placemats.

Now glue the rocks everywhere-let dry.


You have a really cool placemat that can be used on your coffee table or dining table as a base for a rustic pot of flowers or anything else you can think of. I love decorating with things I don't have to buy so decorating with acorns and fallen leaves, or pine cones clustered beside a pot of branches is always fun in fall and looks really cool when this placemat is your base.

Spring branches with shells always works well atop this cool base also.

So many options.


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